The Tales of a Free Spirit

I have always been a dreamer and a doer. I enjoy envisioning what can become of my life, but that is not enough, I need to manifest those visions. Living in a world that tries to define you by class, beauty or culture, can be daunting for the impressionable. Growing up, things like make up, cosmetics and fashion were never encouraged by my Father, he always encouraged uniqueness, being one’s own and not letting society determine who I wanted to be. As for my Mother she too played a huge role, from an early age she let me dress as I pleased, and create my own beliefs. Both my parents supported my ideas and guided me even unknowingly to being a free-spirited soul, they taught me that happiness even in times of adversity is the key to being successful in life. If you can be happy, and stay positive no matter what life gives you, then you’re one step ahead of the rest.

Do I believe I’m a Free Spirit? Absolutely! I’ve always felt at peace doing my own thing, of course I too, like many at a young age, went through an impressionable stage in my life where fitting in was important and what society thought mattered. However as any Free Spirit would I grew out of that facade. To this day the ideals of perfection that society aims to achieve does not appeal to me. We are all unique even when we are trying to be the same. Some embrace the quality others shy away. Which ever you choose is up to you, just remember there is great freedom in not trying to impress everyone because in the end the people you are trying to impress are nine out of ten times not evening noticing, because they are to busy trying to impress someone else of their own.

There is some much more however than just physical attributes that makes one a Free Spirit. We tend to see the world in a different light, we can sit in the heart of a storm and still choose to feel innate peace, at the same time we can feel emotions around us so vividly they consume us as if they were our own.

I found an article recently that describes beautifully and perfectly the mind of a Free Spirit, in many ways I cannot. I hope you enjoy it!

“Free Spirit for life: 7 Struggles of being a Free-Spirited Woman” by Elite Daily {Link: }

I quote “A free-spirited woman, although unconventional, does everything with determination, heart and endless passion.” 

Whatever you are and whatever you believe if you are happy with where you are in your life then you are already in a better place than most of the people around you.

Best wishes xx


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