Firin Bakery – Abu Dhabi

Tea and cupcake Work

“Time is never wasted when spent with a cup of tea…”

The days of varsity are still among me. I woke up today feeling uninspired to write my proposal for my research thesis; A result of being in Abu Dhabi and it being such a beautiful day (as is every other day) all I wanted to do was visit the beach. Alas my academic conscience got the best of me, but instead of staying home I went in search of a place to sit my self down and zone in on work. I did just  that and heavens did I stumble across a real GEM!  Abu Dhabi’s jewel Gluten-Free Bakery! Its healthy,delicious and homey!  Firin Gluten-free bakery is my new happy place, with a copious selection of gluten free goodies, teas, coffees, WiFi, a happy atmosphere, and wonderful employees; This is the ideal escape paradise. You know in movies when people go for coffee in the heart of a bustling city, however in the coffee shop it is quiet and the scene almost does not fit in with its surroundings? That’s how I felt here. Life outside the windows went with the time and the rush, but just as I was in my little corner, time felt as if it was on my side. Peaceful and calm.

So half a proposal, a blueberry muffin and two cups of tea later I was inspired again to carry on with my day. There is something about getting away from the same routines, hard to do when you work in hotels, however totally attainable when you just leave your comfort zone and do something new. Had I stayed home I would not have stumbled on such a treasure and  rejuvenated my soul. Simple changes or breathers in live can really clear your mind, some like reading, going for walks, talking to friends, whatever it is, you know it’s the right kind of escape if you walk away feeling strong again and ready to tackle your daily tasks.

I enjoy finding these quaint places, this is where you encounter genuine hospitality or a Bakery with a purpose, people with happy souls and little treasured moments, that you won’t find when you go with only what you know. Go on, find a new coffee shop, explore something new and you too could discover a quiet little corner, your own escape.


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