Forget not the World

The world does not owe us anything. It does not belong to us. We will leave and new generations will come and so life will begin again. Yet why do we continue to live as if the world will sustain us forever.We have a problem and ignorance will not make it go away.

Terrorism is an unruly element we are facing every day and yet our response to the victims is so subjective.  Pray for Paris, Pray for America, Pray Brussels. How about Beirut, Ankara?  Why are we so partial to supporting the big players, how about the little ones. Syria for crying out loud. We don’t like sharing with our own people, no wonder there is so much air about sharing with others.

We are one world. All skin and bone. What we believe in, where we live, what our preferences are do not define who we are. Putting on a nice dress every Sunday, going to church with my family does not make me a good person. Being a Christian, Muslim, Catholic or part of any other religious faculty does not afford me any privileges and should certainly not afford the world the right to judge, mock or ridicule my choice.

The basis of every religion is Love, Peace, Kindness and Faith. Faith and hope that all can live a life of Peace and Love. That’s it.

I believe what I believe,  but that does not mean I think anyone is wrong, it just means my opinion is different. We might not agree with everyone, or see eye to eye, heck we might not even want to accept everything but what we should do it accept that we are different.

Its not who or what we believe that makes us good or bad. You cannot judge an entire race, religion or culture based on what they practice. Bad people are so because they do bad things. Good people are so because they do good things. Period.

It is not fair to exile an entire community because of a few ill minded individuals.  Syrians didn’t ask to attacked, shamed and left homeless no one wants that. A group of extremists, terrorists to be more honest  for earth knows what reason feel the need to lash out the way they do, maybe they want power. But that is them. They want the power through pain, it just so happens they  terrorize  under the name of Islam, but they are not a religion they are terrorists and terrorism has no religion.

I know many  who claim to be Christian, Catholics, Orthodox, they roam around like saints but they couldn’t be further from. We are so contradictory of religion, we preach and preach and preach yet nothing is ever practiced. Do not judge, yet we judge, love one another yet we only love ourselves. We’re quick to promote peace however the minute someone threatens us, we threaten them back, we find no common ground. Again this is not everyone, but take a look around this is the majority.

This is not our world, what we end with now is what the future will be starting with. Ask yourself if you are happy to handover what we have at the moment.



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