Dance while the music still plays

This is the 21st century and life is faster now than ever. We are creatures of habit, always looking for the next thing. Life is a journey not a destination. Life is like a composition, a piece of music. Lyrics.We know eventually it will end but that is not the purpose. We listen to the words, take in the sounds and the harmony and we enjoy every bit without worry for the next words or tune. Life can be like that too. In fact it is. While the music plays, life goes on. You are a miracle and now is your time to rise and dance to the beat. Forget that others don’t understand the lyrics, they are not meant for them but only for you. Live each moment, take in the beat, move your feet and free yourself. You can.You will achieve all you wish.Have the courage to dance to the music. I  have met  people who have defied  the odds of their situation in life. Believe me. They all have one thing in common. The courage and faith to live in the present and experience the now. Let go of what you can’t control, embrace what you can! Stop living for tomorrow, because what happens when tomorrow arrives? What happens if it doesn’t. Let’s open our ears to the music, open our eyes to life and together we can dance to the beat of the drums.


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