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The Oswald Social club – Richmond Hill

The Oswald

Stanley Street Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth

The Oswald

What a pleasant find for a sunny Saturday morning.  The Oswald is in the heart of Richmond Hill, Quietly situated in the well-known Stanley Street. If walking through Richmond hill leaves you feeling like you’ve entered a little European town then The Oswald is definitely the corner urban artsy downtown cafe’ you would go to, to sip on  smooth rich coffee and a listen to some mellow tunes. All the while still experiencing the great South African hospitality that reminds us why we love being home! Coffee date anyone?

After a morning coffee, why not take a walk down Stanley Street, which is home to some fine restaurants, boutique shops and friendly people. For new and old visitors to Port Elizabeth, I would definitely recommend you highlight Richmond Hill on your maps.

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She too could be Free

There are two types of people,
Those who plan having the world see them
And those who plan seeing the world
Of which she chose the latter

She wasn’t concerned that she would die
And the world wouldn’t know her
She only feared she would die
And never get to know the world

She envied the birds
who spread their wings and flew away
Till one day she realised
she could do the same

Her soul cried for new places
Her heart fell in love with unknown faces
Seeing the world made her breathe thanks to
The heavens for all its Graces

If the butterflies could fly and be free
Then so be it
so could she
The secrets of the world are revealed
to those who open their mind
And let their eyes see what others will never find

She didn’t want to settle, she didn’t have time
The world was awaiting and she had made up her mind
With so many blessings and treasures to see
She was set in her ways and  wanted to be free

Are you not lonely away on your own? She was once asked
To which she replied, She was never alone
For she had made the world her home

With her face to sun and her heart to the sea
She knew in her soul that she too was free

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Be grateful anyway

When we appreciate what we have, we start attracting things to be appreciative of. How often have you had a bad day, and then a bad week and then it gets worse and worse? Did you ever just stop and just be grateful for one thing? Sometimes being grateful won’t guarantee material things in your life will change, but it will change your outlook on life. Practice this every morning or evening or even in the middle of the day, stop, smile and say thank you for one thing in your life for that day.

The next day do the same and every week start being grateful for more events in your life, eventually you’ll have so much to be grateful for you won’t feel the need to complain.

I’m not saying we cannot be unhappy, we all have rough patches and bad episodes but let me tell you that time is going to go on anyway, those moments will pass and all you can do is change the way you spend it. If you’re out of work, every day be grateful that you are not stuck in an office doing something you don’t enjoy and even though things are tough now, you have the choice to create something great. You have the opportunity to find a job you love. If you’ve ended a relationship, look at what you learnt from it. What can you be grateful for? Sometimes life can be hard and you just don’t see the light, but remember the stars shine even when there is a storm. They still shine, every single evening and that’s what we need to do. We need to commit to changing our attitude even if we cannot always change out circumstance.

Gratitude should never be forced, if you have to force it then you’re not really being grateful. You need to to really look at something you have and be thankful for it.  Genuinely thankful, that’s how we learn to appreciate our blessings, when you start being thankful for the small blessings you have, you begin to appreciate the bigger one when you start noticing them.


Happy vibes follow happy tribes

I hope July is an enlightening month for everyone❤

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Forget not the World

The world does not owe us anything. It does not belong to us. We will leave and new generations will come and so life will begin again. Yet why do we continue to live as if the world will sustain us forever.We have a problem and ignorance will not make it go away.

Terrorism is an unruly element we are facing every day and yet our response to the victims is so subjective.  Pray for Paris, Pray for America, Pray Brussels. How about Beirut, Ankara?  Why are we so partial to supporting the big players, how about the little ones. Syria for crying out loud. We don’t like sharing with our own people, no wonder there is so much air about sharing with others.

We are one world. All skin and bone. What we believe in, where we live, what our preferences are do not define who we are. Putting on a nice dress every Sunday, going to church with my family does not make me a good person. Being a Christian, Muslim, Catholic or part of any other religious faculty does not afford me any privileges and should certainly not afford the world the right to judge, mock or ridicule my choice.

The basis of every religion is Love, Peace, Kindness and Faith. Faith and hope that all can live a life of Peace and Love. That’s it.

I believe what I believe,  but that does not mean I think anyone is wrong, it just means my opinion is different. We might not agree with everyone, or see eye to eye, heck we might not even want to accept everything but what we should do it accept that we are different.

Its not who or what we believe that makes us good or bad. You cannot judge an entire race, religion or culture based on what they practice. Bad people are so because they do bad things. Good people are so because they do good things. Period.

It is not fair to exile an entire community because of a few ill minded individuals.  Syrians didn’t ask to attacked, shamed and left homeless no one wants that. A group of extremists, terrorists to be more honest  for earth knows what reason feel the need to lash out the way they do, maybe they want power. But that is them. They want the power through pain, it just so happens they  terrorize  under the name of Islam, but they are not a religion they are terrorists and terrorism has no religion.

I know many  who claim to be Christian, Catholics, Orthodox, they roam around like saints but they couldn’t be further from. We are so contradictory of religion, we preach and preach and preach yet nothing is ever practiced. Do not judge, yet we judge, love one another yet we only love ourselves. We’re quick to promote peace however the minute someone threatens us, we threaten them back, we find no common ground. Again this is not everyone, but take a look around this is the majority.

This is not our world, what we end with now is what the future will be starting with. Ask yourself if you are happy to handover what we have at the moment.


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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

When someone says to you that photo’s do no justice, this is what they mean. I recently visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and I was lost for words. The architecture is just marvelous, it’s so perfect. I went during sunset and the way the light shines through the pillars and behind the Mosque really make you just stop and be grateful for everything.

There is a sense of serenity when you walk through the whole Mosque. The silence literally reaches your soul and quietly lets it reflect on all things wonderful in life. You remove your shoes before you enter the main prayer hall, which is home to the worlds largest hand knotted carpet and it is spectacular.

Most fascinating is the lights which shine on the Mosque at night, change colour to reflect the phases of the moon! It would be unforgivable to leave Abu Dhabi without visiting this cultural land mark at least twice… In the morning and in the afternoon.

One thing checked off my AUH bucket list – Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


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Firin Bakery – Abu Dhabi

Tea and cupcake Work

“Time is never wasted when spent with a cup of tea…”

The days of varsity are still among me. I woke up today feeling uninspired to write my proposal for my research thesis; A result of being in Abu Dhabi and it being such a beautiful day (as is every other day) all I wanted to do was visit the beach. Alas my academic conscience got the best of me, but instead of staying home I went in search of a place to sit my self down and zone in on work. I did just  that and heavens did I stumble across a real GEM!  Abu Dhabi’s jewel Gluten-Free Bakery! Its healthy,delicious and homey!  Firin Gluten-free bakery is my new happy place, with a copious selection of gluten free goodies, teas, coffees, WiFi, a happy atmosphere, and wonderful employees; This is the ideal escape paradise. You know in movies when people go for coffee in the heart of a bustling city, however in the coffee shop it is quiet and the scene almost does not fit in with its surroundings? That’s how I felt here. Life outside the windows went with the time and the rush, but just as I was in my little corner, time felt as if it was on my side. Peaceful and calm.

So half a proposal, a blueberry muffin and two cups of tea later I was inspired again to carry on with my day. There is something about getting away from the same routines, hard to do when you work in hotels, however totally attainable when you just leave your comfort zone and do something new. Had I stayed home I would not have stumbled on such a treasure and  rejuvenated my soul. Simple changes or breathers in live can really clear your mind, some like reading, going for walks, talking to friends, whatever it is, you know it’s the right kind of escape if you walk away feeling strong again and ready to tackle your daily tasks.

I enjoy finding these quaint places, this is where you encounter genuine hospitality or a Bakery with a purpose, people with happy souls and little treasured moments, that you won’t find when you go with only what you know. Go on, find a new coffee shop, explore something new and you too could discover a quiet little corner, your own escape.

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The Tales of a Free Spirit

I have always been a dreamer and a doer. I enjoy envisioning what can become of my life, but that is not enough, I need to manifest those visions. Living in a world that tries to define you by class, beauty or culture, can be daunting for the impressionable. Growing up, things like make up, cosmetics and fashion were never encouraged by my Father, he always encouraged uniqueness, being one’s own and not letting society determine who I wanted to be. As for my Mother she too played a huge role, from an early age she let me dress as I pleased, and create my own beliefs. Both my parents supported my ideas and guided me even unknowingly to being a free-spirited soul, they taught me that happiness even in times of adversity is the key to being successful in life. If you can be happy, and stay positive no matter what life gives you, then you’re one step ahead of the rest.

Do I believe I’m a Free Spirit? Absolutely! I’ve always felt at peace doing my own thing, of course I too, like many at a young age, went through an impressionable stage in my life where fitting in was important and what society thought mattered. However as any Free Spirit would I grew out of that facade. To this day the ideals of perfection that society aims to achieve does not appeal to me. We are all unique even when we are trying to be the same. Some embrace the quality others shy away. Which ever you choose is up to you, just remember there is great freedom in not trying to impress everyone because in the end the people you are trying to impress are nine out of ten times not evening noticing, because they are to busy trying to impress someone else of their own.

There is some much more however than just physical attributes that makes one a Free Spirit. We tend to see the world in a different light, we can sit in the heart of a storm and still choose to feel innate peace, at the same time we can feel emotions around us so vividly they consume us as if they were our own.

I found an article recently that describes beautifully and perfectly the mind of a Free Spirit, in many ways I cannot. I hope you enjoy it!

“Free Spirit for life: 7 Struggles of being a Free-Spirited Woman” by Elite Daily {Link: }

I quote “A free-spirited woman, although unconventional, does everything with determination, heart and endless passion.” 

Whatever you are and whatever you believe if you are happy with where you are in your life then you are already in a better place than most of the people around you.

Best wishes xx